Meet The Ruckman Group

We are a family owned and operated business located in Knox County Ohio. Our family has been a part of the Knox county community for several generations and we have continued to become more involved in our community as the years have progressed. We look to bring quality auctions to the Central Ohio area.

John P Ruckman

Owner- Auctioneer & Real Estate Agent

John Ruckman, a proud native of Knox County, is deeply rooted in the community he loves. Along with his wife, Amy, and their seven children, John has chosen to plant his family's roots in the heart of this rural area, cherishing its values and way of life. A first-generation auctioneer, John’s passion for the auction industry began right after high school, leading him directly to a lifelong career filled with dynamic opportunities. His enthusiasm for bringing vital energy to auctions and real estate sales is evident in the way he conducts his business

2010: Graduated from Reppert's School of Auctioneering; Completed a year long Apprenticeship; Received Ohio Auctioneer’s License

2017: Completed Real Estate Course at Hondros College; obtained Ohio Real Estate License

2019: Earned a prestigious designation from the Certified Auctioneers Institute

Industry & Community Involvement:
Ohio Auctioneers Board: Serves as an active board member, shaping the future of auctioneering practices in Ohio.

Continual Learning: John is committed to staying ahead in his field, regularly attending conferences and continuing education courses to enhance our services.

Mount Vernon City Councilman: Demonstrating his dedication to community service, John is currently a councilman for Mount Vernon, focusing on initiatives that promote local growth and well-being.

Knox County Jr. Fair: Continues his lifelong support of the local fair by serving as an Auctioneer for the  Livestock Auction & being a sitting member on the Sales Committee, fostering the next generation of agricultural enthusiasts.

John’s commitment to his profession and community, combined with his hands-on approach to every auction and real estate transaction, make him a trusted leader in the industry. Whether you are looking to sell or buy, John's expertise and personal attention ensure a successful and satisfying experience.

Ohio Auction License #

John K Ruckman

Owner- Auctioneer

John K. Ruckman, father to John P. Ruckman, shares the family’s deep commitment to Knox County and the values it embodies. Alongside his wife, Tami, John K. has nurtured their family and a thriving sheep farm in southern Knox County for over 30 years, providing a strong foundation for their three children and the community. Inspired by his son’s passion and success in the auction industry, John K. embarked on his auctioneering career in 2011. His decision to join forces with his son was driven by a vision to strengthen and grow their family business, leveraging his extensive expertise in mechanics to add unique value.

Graduated from Reppert's School of Auctioneering; Completed a year long Apprenticeship; Received Ohio Auctioneer’s License

Professional Background:
Boasts a lifelong career spanning diesel mechanics, construction management, and business management, with a specialized focus on vehicles and equipment. Papa John is also a US Army Veteran.

Industry Involvement:
Education and Adaptation: John K. is committed to continual improvement and adaptation, regularly attending industry conferences and continuing education courses. His dedication ensures that the family business remains at the forefront of auctioneering excellence, equipped with the latest standards and practices.

John K. Ruckman’s rich background in mechanics and management not only enhances the auction team’s capability but also ensures that tools, equipment, and shop items are marketed effectively to attract the right buyers. His hands-on approach and technical knowledge make him a vital asset to clients looking to maximize the value of their specialized assets. Whether you’re selling intricate machinery or seeking advice on managing an estate sale, John K.’s expertise and personal dedication ensure a rewarding and effective auction experience.

Ohio Auction License #

Amy Ruckman

Office Manager/Cashier/Clerk

Amy plays a vital role in the daily operations of The Ruckman Group. Alongside her husband, John P. Ruckman, and father-in-law, John K. Ruckman, she expertly manages the office, keeps the books, and ensures every detail of your auction is meticulously handled. Amy is also responsible for scheduling appointments and coordinating the auction crew, ensuring that each event is staffed and organized for success. Her dedication helps streamline every auction process, making sure that the clients needs are met with precision and care.

Professional Skills and Education:
Expertise in Auction Software: Over the years, Amy has mastered our auction software to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our processes, ensuring that every aspect of the auction lifecycle is managed effectively. She has experience in Cashiering, Clerking & Simulcast Operations.

Licensed Notary Public: Amy also offers additional value on auction day with her capability as a Notary Public, assisting with the swift transfer of titles as needed.

Role and Contributions:
Day-to-Day Operations: Whether she’s clerking, cashiering, or managing our staff on auction day, Amy’s presence is a guarantee of meticulous attention to detail and seamless event management.

Education Commitment: Amy is dedicated to continual learning, having participated in numerous marketing classes offered by the National Auction Association and the Ohio Auctioneer’s Association. This commitment ensures she stays at the forefront of auction industry trends and best practices.

Personal Life:
At home, Amy is deeply involved in the education and upbringing of her and John’s seven children, managing their homeschooling with the same dedication she brings to the office. Her support is instrumental not only in her children’s lives but also in enabling John to meet with clients and set up auctions without concern.

Amy ’s multifaceted role in The Ruckman Group enhances the professional service the family business is known for, ensuring that every client interaction is smooth and every auction is a success. Her blend of professional acumen and personal dedication makes her an invaluable part of both her family and the company.

Tami Ruckman

Online Auction Manager

Tami Ruckman, alongside her husband John K. Ruckman, contributes valuable support to the family-run auction business. With a focus on enhancing the online auction experience, Tami has played a role in refining the presentation of our auction catalogs.

Role in The Ruckman Group:
Catalog Development: Tami has been involved in setting up and organizing online auctions, contributing to the visual and operational improvements of our digital catalog presentation.

Shelby & Andrew Ruckman

Cashier & Auction Setup

Shelby Ruckman – Cashier
Shelby Ruckman embraces the rural lifestyle on the family farm, where she dedicates her time to raising a variety of animals. Her deep connection to farm life extends into her role at The Ruckman Group, where she is a familiar face at the cashiering station during auctions. Shelby also assists in setting up auctions, ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Andrew Ruckman – Military Service Member
Currently serving in the US Army stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, Andrew Ruckman has always been an active participant in the family business. Before his military service, he frequently helped set up auctions and served as a ring-man alongside his father and brother. While his duties have taken him far from home, the door remains open for Andrew to rejoin the team in the future, should he choose to return to the auction field.

The Ruckman Kids

Sign crew/Clean Up Help

Meet Alice, Eloise, Cora, Johnny, Millie, Ian, and Josie Ruckman, the vibrant and energetic members of our tiny auction crew. These seven siblings not only bring a burst of youthful enthusiasm to The Ruckman Group but also actively contribute to various aspects of our auctions.

Favorite Duties:
Prepping Road Signs: They ensure every potential buyer finds their way to our auctions with brightly marked signs.

Cleanup Crew: Before and after each auction, they’re on the scene to tidy up, keeping our venues neat and welcoming.

Hydration Specialists: On auction days, they make sure everyone in the crew stays hydrated, running water to keep the team going.

Junior Ringmen: At the 4-H auctions, they proudly ring for Dad and Papa John, learning the ropes of the auctioneering trade.

Official Taste Testers: No auction is complete without testing the hot dogs from Suzy’s Food Stand to ensure they meet the high standards of auction day fare.

As they grow, each Ruckman child shows potential to bring their unique talents to the auction industry, potentially following in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents. Whether they choose to take the microphone, manage the business, or support the crew, the future looks bright (and fun!) with these young Ruckman's at our side.

Additional Crew & Associates

Setup Crew & Ring-man: John Dewitt, Dave Rush & Tim Kupiec
Cashiers & Clerks: De Ann Ritchie, Kim Borsick, Christi Pratt, Wendy Robertson
Associate Auctioneers: Jerry Scott, Matthew Fowler & Micheal Hoffman
Concessions: Susan Baldwin- Suzy's Concessions