Real Estate Services

Are you looking to sell your real estate quickly, efficiently, and at its highest market value? Our auction services provide the perfect platform for achieving these goals and more. Selling real estate at auction offers numerous advantages that traditional methods simply can't match. Here's why:

Speed: Our auction process is designed to expedite the sale of your property. Within a defined time-frame, qualified buyers compete against each other, creating a sense of urgency and driving prices up. Say goodbye to prolonged listing periods and negotiations that can drag on for months.

Transparency: The auction process is transparent, ensuring a fair and open marketplace for both buyers and sellers. All participants have an equal opportunity to bid on your property, and the final sale price is determined by the competitive bidding process.

Market Value: Through competitive bidding, your property has the potential to achieve its true market value. The excitement generated during the auction often results in prices that exceed expectations, giving you the best chance to maximize your return on investment.

Targeted Marketing: Our auction company employs comprehensive marketing strategies to attract qualified buyers who are specifically interested in real estate auctions. We utilize both traditional and digital channels, ensuring that your property receives widespread exposure to the right audience.

No Contingencies: Selling at auction provides a unique perk for the sellers in that the buyers are agreeing to buy it in As-Is Conditions. No haggling, no repairing, no replacements and no additional allowance at closing for replacements/repairs.

Competitive Atmosphere: Auctions create a sense of urgency and excitement among potential buyers. The competitive nature of bidding can lead to higher prices and a faster sale, especially for desirable properties.

Don't let your real estate property languish on the market or settle for less than its worth. Let our auction services elevate your selling experience and deliver outstanding results.

Contact us today to learn more about how our auction platform can help you sell your real estate quickly, transparently, and at its highest market value. Our experienced team is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful auction process.

Do I have to sell it if I go with an auction?

A common misconception is that you have to sell it if it goes to auction. It depends on which marketing option you go with.

Absolute Auction

This option means it is selling regardless of price. If you have chosen this option then you are ready to draw the interest of everyone. With absolute auctions you are agreeing to sell the property to the highest bidder, which in turn draws a large crowd of bidders because they all know someone is going to walk away as the new owner. It creates a sense of urgency to bid because they don't want to miss out on the opportunity to own your Real Estate.

Seller Confirmation Auction

This is the most common method that is used when selling real estate at auction because it gives the seller the option to sell or not sell on auction day during the bidding process. 
The auctioneer will take bids until it seems bidding is slowing down, he will then pause the bidding & step away with you to discuss if you would like to sell it or not. He will then update the bidders on your decision and ask for any final bids. Depending on your final say the property will either sell or be listed traditionally.

Minimum Bid Auction

This method gives a defined price that you would like to be achieved before you would sell your real estate but still gives the option for higher bids to be given. Our custom marketing campaign would clearly state the minimum bid and if that minimum bid is achieved then the property will sell to the highest bidder.

Multi Parcel Auction

Use this method to give bidders the option on which parcels of land they want to buy. Bidders will have several rounds of bidding open to them on individual parcels , combinations of parcels and on the property as a whole. Highest bid achieved is presented to seller. We combine this method with Absolute, Seller Confirmation or Minimum Bid options to market your property.

*No Credit Card Payments on Real Estate Transactions